Energy Security – European Perspective and Policy Challenges

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Magazine Papers
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ISSN 2344-3790
Gracceva, F.; Fulli, G.; Ardelean, M.; Masera, M.
European Journal for Critical Infrastructures and Services Protection, 2013

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The Journal was launched on October 10-11 2013, in Bucharest, during an International Seminar on Critical Infrastructure Protection organized by Romanian Association for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Services (ARPIC) with the Romanian Association for Security Techniques (ARTS) and the National Association for Informational Systems Security (ANSSI), with the attendance of prominent private and state companies, as well High Representatives of the Romanian authorities, such as Mr. Iulian Fota, Presidential Advisor for National Security, and Mr. Sorin Encuţescu, State Councilor and Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection Coordination, who provided forewords within the Journal. It is edited by ARPIC, together with the EURISC Foundation, and addressed to both Romanian and foreign readers. The new publication aims to bring to the attention of its readers issues regarding Critical Infrastructure and Services Protection at national and European levels, from a wide selection of expert contributors. The promotion of these subjects is vital to the well being of our societies, and involve not just technical considerations, but also issues relating to governance capacity, private-public partnerships, and stakeholder inclusiveness.