Evaluation of Smart Grid projects within the Smart Grid Task Force Expert Group 4 (EG4)

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EUR 25842 EN
Vincenzo Giordano, Joint Research Centre Julija Vasiljevska, Joint Research Centre Silvia Vitiello, Joint Research Centre Constantina Filiou, DG Energy Sebastian Gras, DG Energy Marija Mrdeza, DG Energy
Publications Office of the European Union

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This report presents the outcome of the evaluation of smart grid project proposals which was carried out by Expert Group 4 (EG4) of the Smart Grid Task Force. The group comprises relevant stakeholders from industry (system operators, manufacturers), regulatory authorities and Member States' representatives. National regulatory authorities have been involved in the evaluation process. 

The Expert Group 4 (EG4) was established in February 2012. During the preparatory year of 2012, the task of EG4 was to agree on an assessment framework for the identification of potential projects of common interest (PCI) in the field of smart grids. The assessment framework proposed by the JRC was adopted by EG4 on 4 July 2012. It takes into account the technical and general criteria for the selection of projects of common interest in the field of smart grids, as defined in the trans-European energy infrastructure regulation.

Evaluation, Smart Grid projects, Smart Grid Task Force Expert Group 4, EG4