Gianluca Fulli (Deputy Head of the Energy Security, Distribution and Markets Unit) leads the activities of the Smart Electricity Systems and Interoperability team at the European Commission, Joint Research Centre. He holds a university degree (La Sapienza University, Rome) and a PhD (Politecnico di Torino), both in electrical engineering.
He has 18 year-experience in the power system/smart grid field and co-authored around 90 scientific publications. He previously worked with: the Italian transmission system operator (TERNA), on cross-border interconnectors planning and new generation connection; the UK gas & electricity company (NGT), on renewable integration studies; and IBM, on software for distributed devices management.
He is involved in several projects and initiatives on smart/power grids, including those linked with the Clean Energy Package, the Energy Infrastructure Package, Horizon2020/Europe and the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan.

Ispra, IT