Application of Innovative Transmission Technologies for the Development of the Future European Power System

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Conference Papers
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ISBN 978-1-61839-227-5
A. L'Abbate
G. Fulli
G. Migliavacca
A. Purvins

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The present paper focuses on main technical, environmental, and economic features of three types of advanced transmission technologies, currently having a different level of maturity and deployment in Europe. The devices addressed in this paper are the SSSC (Static Synchronous Series Compensator), the VSC (Voltage Source Converter)-HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) and the GIL (Gas Insulated Line).
The aim is to investigate the application of these advanced technologies in the future European power system. Towards this purpose, steady-state modeling is an essential stage; in particular, an original SSSC model is presented and validated. Techno-economic analyses for implementing SSSC and for comparing VSC-HVDC and GIL in specific applications in the future European power system are then carried out.

Smart grids, super grids, Electricity systems modelling, Security, Vulnerability and reliability of power systems, Storage and renewable integration in the grid, Information & Communication Technology, Power system interdependencies