Analysing the efficient use of energy in a small smart grid system

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Conference Papers
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I. Colak
H. Wilkening
G. Fulli
J. Vasiljevska
F. Issi
O. Kaplan
International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA '12)

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Smart grids systems, for being profitably implemented, will have to deliver advantageous results to costumers, investors and operators. This can be realized by providing efficient, secure and reliable systems, connecting distributed renewable energy sources and enabling advanced services. The analysis of those potential benefits should consider all components of smart grids from the energy sources to the consumers, including the communication and power portions of the system. This study aims to analyze how to reach an efficient use of energy with different means (energy consumption rate, consumption forecast, and central energy orientation) taking into consideration the capabilities of smart homes, communication links and grid management centers. Architecture of a small smart grid system including a novel smart home, communication and energy lines, and energy management center are analyzed based on consumer habits, local energy resources utilization rate, and the use of different energy sources.

Smart grids, energy security, power system reliability, electricity systems modelling and simulation, information & communication, Power technology integration.