Start and end dates: 
January, 2015 to June, 2018
Prevailing Stage of Development: 
Brief description and/or other information regarding the project: 
NOBEL GRID will provide advanced tools and ICT services to all actors in the Smart Grid and retail electricity market in order to ensure benefits from cheaper prices, more secure and stable grids and clean electricity. NOBEL GRID results will be tested in real conditions in five different electric cooperatives and non-profit demonstration sites in five EU members’ states: The electric cooperative of Alginet (Spain) The renewable energy cooperative Ecopower in Flanders (Belgium) acts as renewable generator and supplier cooperative. The cooperative Carbon-coop in Manchester (UK). The public DSO ASM Terni (Italy). Meltemi eco-village (Greece).
Project Main Application: 
Smart Network Management
Of the Distribution network
Includes Smart metering
Demand Response
With Smart Homes
With Aggregation
Includes Smart Metering
Integration of Distributed Generation and Storage
Includes Smart Metering
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