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January, 2009 to December, 2015
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The aim of the platform is to develop MYRTLE system and a control strategy to improve the management and the stabilization of the electrical network. Indeed, the electric grids island, not interconnected with a high level of integrationrenewable energy sources require a device to handle the intermittent thereof (control, storage). Hydrogen, produced and stored to manage fluctuations in power energy intermittent renewable integrated in the network.It will examine the system's ability to meet a goal of clipping the tip called bythe grid (support grid) and smoothing of the photovoltaic powerproduced (limit fluctuations and disturbances on the mains).In addition, other studies such as the study of the aging of materials, systems, but alsoComparing the results of the simulation software and design ORIENTE with realitycan be made. Other operating strategies can be envisaged to studytheir impact on the command and control system.
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Mission hYdrogène Renouvelable pour l'inTégration au réseau Electrique
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Smart Network Management
Integration of DER
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