My Smart Energy

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January, 2014 to December, 2016
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Europe’s consumers are increasingly presented with the opportunity to play an active role in a more sustainable energy system where efficiency, decarbonisation and renewable energy are central drivers. In the short-term, they will be confronted with technological changes necessary to adapt to this new energy paradigm. Before we can expect households to engage in the energy transition, becoming active energy players, stakeholders have a responsibility to help them understand: what is happening in their energy system, why it is happening, and which are the benefits for them and society. My Smart Energy ( is pan-European portal designed as a first step towards providing everyday household consumers in Europe with easy to understand information addressing these questions, from their perspective. The website provides accessible explanations and materials that, alongside helping consumers, can help local authorities, utilities, national information campaigns and other stakeholders to introduce the changes about to take place in their communities. Awareness and understanding will lead to consumer empowerment and engagement. Some of the website’s features What are smart meters? Why are they installed? What do they mean for me? What are smart grids? Why do we need them? Benefits for me as a consumer My country: information on smart meter roll-outs in each member state and links to helpful videos and materials in their own language. Phase I (the launch of the website) was completed in June 2015, alongside a consultation to help prepare for a potentially farther-reaching consumer awareness campaign in 2016 and onwards.
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My Smart Energy
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Consumer awareness and education - smart metering and smart grids
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