Start and end dates: 
October, 2015 to October, 2017
Prevailing Stage of Development: 
Research & Development
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Virtual power stations with mini and micro-block heating stations offer a multifaceted Smart-Grids and climate protection potential for the “warm revolution”. Various obstacles are standing in the way of the market expansion of these systems, such as the high connection and integration costs of the facilities, a lack of information for the end customers, as well as the current regulation. Thus, only facilities of higher power class are connected to virtual power stations (“VKK”) and used for system services such as controlling power range. In the framework of the “mikroVKK” project, it will be demonstrated and proved that block heating stations under < 100kW also can be economically integrated in a virtual power station and ran efficiently thanks to a combination of market and electricity grid relevant business models and management strategies. The results help make the high Smart-Grids and climate protection potential accessible especially to housing and industry.
Project full name: 
Demonstration of the feasibility, cost effectiveness and Smart-Grid potential of virtual power stations with micro and mini-block heating stations
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Integration of Distributed Generation and Storage
Includes Storage
Includes Smart Metering
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