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This page provides free online resources on energy and EU matters for kids with videos, games and animations

Energy, let's save it!



An interactive online game, where players have to build a sustainable city. Players can add different types of buildings, businesses, energy resources, environmental and recreational features to creat...

(ManagEnergy - Energy - It's Your Future! for students aged 12-16 - Europewide) ManagEnergy KidsCorner includes a wealth of energy education content in 23 European languages, covering energy efficiency, renewable energy (bioenergy and biofuels, solar, wind and hydropower), sustai...


What do you know about the European Union? Did you know that there are over 500 million people living in the European Union? Do you know that people in the European Union speak 23 different official languages? Click here to find out lots more about the EU!


Games about the European Union