Jouw Energie Moment B

Start and end dates: 
January, 2012 to December, 2015
Prevailing Stage of Development: 
Brief description and/or other information regarding the project: 
Insight into the workings of technology incentives and interaction in order to mobilize flexibility from customer’s electricity usage in the city of Zwolle. participants will be provided with products and services to enable them to choose their preferred times to use electricity. Equipped with a special display and a smart washing machine, users will be able to choose whether they want to run their washing machine during times when their local sustainable electricity is produced by PV panels or at those when the cost of electricity is low on the wholesale market.
Project full name: 
Muziekwijk Zwolle
Countries involved: 
Project Main Application: 
Aggregation (Demand Response; VPP)
Leading Organisation(s): 
Implementation site(s):