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January, 2014 to December, 2019
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Research & Development
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This project’s scope is to create an interoperable micro grid, aiming to develop a power grid more efficient and reliable, to improve safety and quality of supply in accordance with the requirements of the digital age. This micro intelligent network serves as a test bench to develop and validate the status of different distributed renewable generators (micro wind turbine, PV converter, fuel cell) and storage technologies (super capacitors, flywheel, Li-ion battery). The total installed power (peak) in the micro grid is of 350 kW. The main elements are the followings:- An intelligent transformer that will enable the interconnection of the micro grid with the general electrical energy distribution system- An intelligent re-connector. These devices will enable to protect the network against any type of contingencies- 40 kW installed of photovoltaic energy- Wind energy generation, in 2 units with different generator technologies: uno of them 10 kW, the other one 2,4kW- Generation by means of fuel cell: composed by 4 hydrogen fuel cells with a power of 1,25KW connected in parallel - Conventional origin generation by means of a 150 kW diesel unit- Conventional origin cogeneration by means of a micro turbine or gas motor of 65 kW electric - Ion lithium batteries: 22kWh- Lead acid batteries: 75kWh- Storage in super capacitors, using two different technologies: In one unit it is used a commercial module of 63F, BMOD0063 P125. The other unit is accomplished from a series parallel combination of 90 units of discrete capacities, model BCAP3000- 2 Electrical Vehicle with two chargers- Load simulated: 100kVA, 0,8 power factor
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Smart Network Management
Integration of DER
Electric Vehicles and Vehicle2Grid applications
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