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January, 2015 to December, 2017
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Research & Development
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This Project seeks to advance research on high voltage direct current transmission links. In particular, several key strategic technologies have been identified: 1. Analysis of a hybrid HVDC transmission architecture for the evacuation of energy generated in marine plants. Possible alternatives to compete with the most widespread topology VSC-HVDC. 2. Construction of a VSC-HVDC laboratory, which will serve to test both high and low level control algorithms of the MMC converters. 3. High-level control of VSC-HVDC converter stations to support the grid stability. 4. Interconnection substation for HVDC systems. Characterization of output protection cells for the HVDC interconnection substation. 5. Circuit breakers based on superconducting materials, as a solution for DC switches.
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HVDC links for marine energy evacuation: future solution
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Integration of large scale RES
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