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January, 2011 to December, 2016
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GRID4EU is a Large-Scale Demonstration of Advanced Smart Grid Solutions with wide Replication and Scalability Potential for EUROPE. The project is led by six electricity Distribution System Operators (DSOs) from Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden, in close partnership with a set of major electricity retailers, manufacturers and research organizations. As a whole, the consortium gathers 27 partners.ERDF is the Coordinator of the project, while Enel Distribuzione is the Technical Director and Iberdrola Distribución the Chairman of the General Assembly. The project aims at testing innovative concepts and technologies in real-size environments, in order to highlight and help remove barriers to the deployment of Smart Grids in Europe.It focuses on how DSOs can dynamically manage electricity supply and demand in order to maximize the integration of Decentralized Energy Resources (DER) and empower consumers to become active participants in their energy consumptions.The main topics addressed by the project are:- The optimized and smooth integration of an increased number of small- and medium-sized DER (photovoltaic, wind, combined heat and power, heat pump and direct or indirect storage);- The balancing of intermittent energy sources (including better prediction) with demand response, and different storage technologies and services;- The improvement of MV and LV network automation technologies to face the constraints introduced by the increased amount of DER and new usages (e.g. electric vehicles, heat pumps) to maintain or increase quality of supply;- The increasing use of active demand including the potential future developments of new usages and evolving customers’ behaviours.GRID4EU consists of six Demonstrators, which are tested over a period of four years in six different European countriesThe project strives at fostering complementarities between these Demonstrators, promoting transversal research and sharing results between the different partners as well as with the wider Smart Grids community. Hence five General Work Packages support the six Demos to facilitate dynamic knowledge sharing, technical assistance and coordination.However GRID4EU is not only about testing innovative solutions, it is also a way to analyze the total cost and benefits (Business Case) and validate technical solutions for all components while participating to standards definition. Additionally, the project will study how to deploy the model at DSO scale (scalability) and then to spread it to other DSOs (replicability). As the DSOs involved in the project cover more than 50% of the EU27 metered customers; the scaling up and replication of the results obtained will help contribute efficiently to reaching the EU 2020 energy targets. Hereafter is a brief description of each Demonstrator:- Demo 1 (Germany): Demonstrator in Reken focused on the improvement of surveillance and advanced control of the medium voltage grid based on autonomous acting Multi-Agent-System (MAS).- Demo 2 (Sweden): Demonstrator in Uppsala focused on the development of monitoring system of LV distribution network based on AMI infrastructure and intelligent equipment in the secondary substation.- Demo 3 (Spain): Demonstrator in Castellon focused on the enhancement of the MV and LV network automation and the awareness of the Customers about their consumption and network situation. - Demo 4 (Italy): Demonstrator in the Forlì-Cesena area of Emilia Romagna region, focused on implementing an advanced control system to increase the hosting capacity and maximize the integration of renewable energy sources and distributed generation in the MV network.- Demo 5 (Czech Republic): Demonstrator in Vrchlabí focused on LV and MV grid automation, including the monitoring of influence of EV on distribution network and power quality measurement; and island operation.- Demo 6 (France) : Demonstrator in Carros focused on the optimization of PV integration into the LV grids by using PV and load forecasts, flexible loads, electric storage and islanding. It will also encourage the participation of customers and assess their behaviour and the social impacts of Smart grid technologies.The project started officially on November 1st 2011 and lasts over four years, with following major milestones:- End of 2012: definition and publication of technical specifications of the project that were achieved successfully- End of 2013: installation of the first equipment for some Demonstrators on the field;- End of 2014: field tests and first exploitation of data;- End of 2015: Key Performance Indicators evaluation, feedback from past experience, projections and replications of results.'
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Large-Scale Demonstration of Advanced Smart GRID Solutions with wide Replication and Scalability Potential for EUROPE
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Smart Network Management
Integration of DER
Integration of large scale RES
Aggregation (Demand Response; VPP)
Smart Customer and Smart Home
Electric Vehicles and Vehicle2Grid applications
Smart metering
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