Start and end dates: 
March, 2016 to March, 2019
Prevailing Stage of Development: 
Research & Development
Brief description and/or other information regarding the project: 
In the CloudGrid project, R&D on smart grid solutions will be focusing on three main areas: - System stability - Ancillary services & energy management - Converter interoperability The method used in the CloudGrid project to improve the research is to increase the cooperation between the part-ners based on an interconnection between smart grid labs. The establishment of this transnational smart grid cloud shall facilitate possibilities to validate research result in dif-ferent laboratory environment, in this way the project will be able to provide solutions with a broader level of validation and suitable for a wider range of equipment. The goal of the CloudGrid project is to provide recommenda-tions and strategies to meet the challenges of the future power system, to facilitate larger amount of intermittent renewable generation together with less nuclear production while providing a secure and reliable electrical power supply.
Project full name: 
Transnational Cloud for Interconnection of Demonstration Facilities for Smart Grid Lab Research & Development
Countries involved: 
Project Main Application: 
Smart Network Management
Of the Transmission network
Includes Smart metering
Demand Response
With Smart Homes
With Aggregation
Integration of Distributed Generation and Storage
Includes Smart Metering
Integration of large scale RES
HVDC; Converter interoperability; System stability
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