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January, 2012 to December, 2014
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Flexible Plug and Play aims to enable faster and cheaper integration of renewable generation, such as wind power, into the electricity distribution network. The project will achieve the faster and cheaper renewable generation connections by trialling innovative technical and commercial solutions with real customers (renewable generation developers). Specifically, the project will: • Deploy smart devices and systems on to the network that will make best use of the existing electricity network and allow real-time management of any network constraints. Examples of such technology that will be deployed are: Quadrature booster transformer (first application in distribution networks), dynamic rating of overhead lines, active network management system • Deploy the first ‘Quadrature-booster’ onto the distribution network; the Quadrature-booster will balance the load on parallel circuits by forcing the power away from the weaker circuit. • Develop a new commercial framework for providing flexible connections to generator developers • Develop an investment modelling tool that will determine the optimum network investment from both an economic and carbon emission perspective
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Flexible Plug and Play - Low Carbon Networks
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Smart Network Management
Integration of large scale RES
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