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January, 2010 to December, 2013
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The goal is to develop an intelligent e-car charging system to be used worldwide, whether the car is parked at home, at work or in a car park. Intelligent charging enables automatic charging outside peak hours which makes it possible to increase production of CO2 neutral electricity from e.g. windmills. Due to fluctuating hourly prices on electricity the charging post will contain both a price indicator and an environmental impact indicator. On this the user will base the charging. In order to influence the users' charging pattern towards a more environmentally friendly charging, the environmental impact of the requested charging is calculated. Strategic goals for the project are to enhance the possibilities within: 1) Enabling intelligent usage of electrical power in e-cars.2) Decreasing CO2 emission.3) Increasing windmill power.Practical goals for the project are to demonstrate:1) Intelligent charging in two levels: a) simple intelligence, user defines the charging manually; b) advanced intelligence, user selects a pre-defined charging pattern.2) E-vehicle identification.3) Integration into car park system suppliers' concept.The final result is a product range of intelligent charging posts, ready to be sold on the national and international marked.
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Intelligent opladning af elektriske biler
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Electric Vehicles and Vehicle2Grid applications
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