Start and end dates: 
January, 2004 to December, 2009
Prevailing Stage of Development: 
Research & Development
Brief description and/or other information regarding the project: 
The project brings together eight European energy utilities and aims at removing most of the technical and non-technical barriers that prevent a massive deployment of distributed energy resources (DER) in Europe. In partnership with manufacturers. research organisations. professionals. national agencies and a bank. they implemented a demand-pull rather than technology-push approach. This new approach provided three tentative 'fast-tracks options' to speed up the large-scale implementation of DER in Europe. by defining three client portfolios in various market segments which could benefit from DER solutions. and by fostering the R&D required to adapt DER technologies to the demands of these segments.
Project full name: 
The birth of a EUropean Distributed EnErgy Partnership that will help the largescale implementation of distributed energy resources in Europe
Project Main Application: 
Integration of DER
Aggregation (Demand Response; VPP)
Leading Organisation(s):