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January, 2011 to December, 2014
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EnergyTIC is a demonstration project that will put into practice innovative ICT solutions available in different countries (France, Spain and later on a third cluster) with a common goal: providing the end-users with an easy to understand / intuitive solution allowing him to monitor and adapt its energy and water consumption Technical solution: Comprehensive convergent ICT solutions will be implemented in 1700 dwellings (1000 in France, 700 in Spain) to collect real time information from water and energy companies and adapt it into valuable and appealing information delivered to the user by means of sms alerts and easy to understand graphic messages displayed in different ways: in home display, residential terminal or digital TV. The number of dwellings will be increased when a third cluster enters the project at a later stage. This solution should then benefit the end-user and also the energy distributor who will be able to better manage the facilities provided for the energy and/or water supplies. All along the pilot phase, results will be used to optimise service design. Validation: The different solutions implemented by the three clusters will be assessed and the consortium will identify a set of best practice after a careful evaluation that will take into account real efficiency and adoption on the long run from the end-users. For each solution, technical, social and economical advantages will be identified based on their level of contribution to reach the EnergyTIC project targets and they will be evaluated. This will also be realised through periodic feedback from the other members of the consortium. Each cluster will deploy rapidly the service in their own market and evaluate various other technologies that will complement the end-user experience. This will allow validation and evaluation for European uptake and replication. Dissemination: The project findings and best practice will be disseminated at European scale thanks to the interaction with the Powerhouse project, a project managed by Cecodhas and funded by the intelligent energy programme, in which USH is playing an important role.
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EnergyTIC: Technology, Information and Communication services for engaging social housing residents in energy and water efficiency
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Smart Network Management
Smart metering
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