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January, 2010 to January, 2015
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The ENBRIN programme (Energie Bretagne Innovation) addresses energy issues specific to Brittany, a large electric peninsula that draws over 90% of its power from other regions and has an insufficiently meshed transmission network. Implemented following consultations with local stakeholders, the programme, which covers the period 2010-2015, is aimed at: better managing electricity demand, especially at peak periods, to achieve a reduction in consumption of 30 to 40 MW per year The experiment consists in remotely carrying out micro-cuts in electric heating appliances in 600 volunteer households during peak consumption periods The programme has assisted with the renovation of 6,600 single-family homes with electric heating and 2,000 social housing units Other programme components are eco-efficient equipment for dairy farms and analyses of the future needs of the islands of Ouessant, Molène and Sein enhancing existing plant and equipment, with the goal of securing 480 MW of peak generation (upgrade of the Guerlédan dam, maintenance at the La Rance tidal plant and the Cordemais fossil-fired plant, combustion turbines at Brennilis and Dirinon) €38 million invested in 2009-2011 in the combustion turbine maintenance programme at Brennilis and Dirinon developing an additional 50 to 100 MW capacity using renewable energies (solar farms, tidal turbines at Paimpol-Bréhat) Nearly 25 MW already built reducing CO2 emissions by 20,000 tonnes per year via annual savings of 187 GWh A total of 114 MW avoided during peak periods In the same spirit, EDF is experimenting in Brittany with the “6 pm to 8 pm consumption moderation” tariff, which gives the customer an incentive to limit consumption between 6 and 8 o'clock in the evening for several days in the winter.
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Energie Bretagne Innovation
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Demand Response
Includes Smart Metering
Integration of Distributed Generation and Storage
Integration of large scale RES
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