Electricity demand as frequency controlled re-serves 2

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January, 2009 to December, 2012
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Research & Development
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Through 11 work packages. including hardware. design. development. laboratory test. practical implementation. data analyses. etc.. a technology will be developed in which the electricity consumption will be used as a frequency-controlled reserve (DFR). This project focuses on investigating the appropriate use of demands as frequency reserve (DFR) with strong focus on hardware development and demonstration in a practical power system based on our previous research. The project will have as objectives to: a)Practical hardware development of the technology for frequency controlled demand (DFR) b)Validate and evaluate the technology's field performance of reserve provision c)Evaluate the technology’s actual impacts on appliance operation through large-scale demonstration of hundreds of such devices. d)Test and further develop monitoring methods for DFR appliances concerning the needs of the transmission system operator (TSO) e)Obtain first-hand experience and feedbacks, and evaluate customer's acceptance of the technology. f) Further develop DFR control logics to fulfil specific rules of UCTE and Nordel
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Electricity demand as frequency controlled re-serves 2
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Smart Network Management
Aggregation (Demand Response; VPP)
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