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January, 2012 to December, 2014
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The EDISON (Energy Distribution Infrastructure for Ssl Operative Networks) Pilot Actions aim to demonstrate, under real operational conditions, that a smart lighting system improves energy efficiency, reduces CO2 emissions and encourages the use of small-scale renewable energy sources in European public buildings (e. g. schools, museums, administrative offices, hospitals, etc.). The Pilot Actions are based on the use of Solid State Lamps (SSLs) combined with a particular method of providing power to them, in order to realize a Smart Energy Platform (SEP), mainly aimed at delivering an efficient lighting system. This combination is able to provide more than 60% reduction in ongoing electricity costs, and is also able to reduce building maintenance costs. Measurement and analysis tools and metering indicators of energy performance, acting to demonstrate clear energy savings, have a relevant role in the Pilots. The goal of the experimental actions is to validate the effectiveness of the proposed ICT (SEP) solution for smart lighting, to serve as showcases to these technologies, and to facilitate their wider uptake and replication.
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Energy Distribution Infrastructure for Ssl Operative Networks
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Integration of DER
Smart Customer and Smart Home
Smart metering
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