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January, 2010 to December, 2015
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The objective of ECO-Life project is to establish a replicable planning & implementation approach and to demonstrate innovative and integrated energy concepts in supply and demand side in municipalities in LT, BE and DK to reach the goal of zero CO2. The local ECO-life projects are integrated in large climate action initiatives in the municipalities.The project will use 100 % RES. Concerning RUE, LT is representing huge refurbishment potential in East Europe, BE focuses on social housing and DK represents the next level of energy efficiency. A Whole Town Design Approach is used in all three communities with focus on achieving goals at affordable costs and on developing new financing tools. The approach includes end-user involvement and dissemination. The DK Concerto experiences from Concerto III will be transferred to first Concerto projects in BE and LT.Key innovations:- Whole town design approach, including end-user involvement and dissemination- Smart metering & CEMS- New ESCO scheme- Training
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Integration of DER
Integration of large scale RES
Smart Customer and Smart Home
Electric Vehicles and Vehicle2Grid applications
Smart metering
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