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January, 2010 to December, 2013
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E3SoHo proposed service offers a holistic solution for ICT-enabled energy efficient social housing developments all across Europe. Based on a common methodology, starting from the design to the implementation and its operation monitoring and tuning, the proposed solution will be able to control and manage both energy production and consumption systems, to advise users on how to become more efficient through real time energy consumption feedback and to allow Energy Agencies and/or the facilities services providers to monitor and to support the buildings by means of remote control mechanisms.GoalsThe overall objective of E3SoHo project is to implement and demonstrate in 3 Social Housing pilots an integrated and replicable ICT-based solution which aims to bring about a significant reduction of 25% of energy consumption in European social housing by:- Providing tenants with feedback on consumption and offering personalised advice for improving their energy efficiency.- Reducing the energy consumption and increasing the share of RES by informing and supporting the user to decide for the most appropriate behaviour in terms of energy efficiency, cost, comfort and environmental impact.- Monitoring and transmitting consumption data to Energy Services Companies which could enable real time energy audits in order to perform more accurate refurbishment activities as well as maintenance operations.This service will be disseminated to the open market, so the total service can be exploited as one package by the consortium an/or other organisations, e.g. SMEs, consultancy agencies specialised in energy efficiency.
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ICT services for Energy Efficiency in European Social Housing
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Smart Network Management
Integration of DER
Smart Customer and Smart Home
Smart metering
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