DS3 - Delivering a Secure, Sustainable Electricity System

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January, 2011 to December, 2020
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The overarching aim of the DS3 “Delivering a Secure, Sustainable Electricity System” programme is to transform the electricity system in Ireland and Northern Ireland and pave the way for a secure and sustainable electricity system for the future. The core objective of DS3, a cross–border, EirGrid Group- driven initiative, is to identify the challenges associated with integrating unprecedented levels of variable renewable generation and to implement solutions. Given the isolated nature of the synchronous island power system, operating with limited interconnection, the 40% renewable electricity target - which will largely be delivered by wind generation - is the most challenging target in the European Union. DS3 incorporates innovative techno-economic and regulatory initiatives designed to meet our renewable targets by 2020. This unique programme is divided into three pillars - System Performance, Policies and Tools. DS3 is more than making operational changes to manage more renewable generation; it is also about the evolution of the wider electricity industry and implementing changes in the market and regulatory sphere that ultimately benefit the end consumer.
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Integration of large scale RES
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