Start and end dates: 
January, 2013 to December, 2016
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Research & Development
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DOLFIN addresses the demand/response and energy stabilisation scenario of the Smart Grid by optimising the energy consumption of Data Centres (DC), accompanied, if necessary, with a respective negotiation and readjustment of the DC's Service Level Agreements (SLAs). To achieve this, DOLFIN adopts an innovative energy closed control loop that targets to deliver the following advancements:• Create an integrated poll of 4 parametric energy consumption optimisation mechanisms (eCOM).• Organise the orchestration of eCOMs at the DC level, through dynamically deployed energy optimisation policies.• Fine-tune the parametrical implementation of eCOM and contribute to their standardisation.• Create a platform for handling virtualised ICT resources in an energy aware manner, considering SLA restrictions.• Introduce the idea of synergetic DCs and implement a migration process for ICT-processing workload, complying with SLA restrictions.• Make the DOLFIN DC part of the Smart Grid energy stabilisation solution for the demand/response scenario.• Build a system that is able to take informed decisions, so as to adapt the DC's electricity consumption to the demands of the Smart Grid.• Combine traditional metrics for ICT SLA management with energy performance metrics for ICT.• Implement a DC SLA renegotiation process considering both ICT and energy metrics.• Constitute the ICT SLA metrics proportional to the energy SLA metrics in a DC.
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Data Centres Optimization for Energy-Efficient and EnvironmentalLy Friendly Internet
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Aggregation (Demand Response; VPP)
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