Critical infrastructure

We contributed to develop  for the European Commission policy-making services a web-based tool for visualisation and analysis of critical gas and electricity infrastructures. The Smart Electricity Systems Action is responsible for the electricity part. The tool, consisting of map-based applications and advanced power/flow modelling software, is operational since January 2011 under restricted access conditions.

The tool allows the visualisation of single or cascading contingencies in several scenarios and use-cases. Customised dynamic representation of the failure effects is implemented, providing geographical, numerical and graphical information in an interactive environment. Selected users can consult outputs of different analyses, which are delivered either as predefined layers or as dynamic responses to queries, in order to evaluate critical conditions for the energy networks.

An added value of this tool is the visual representation of both gas and electricity systems in case of failure or disruption caused by various events. Extensive models have been built both for the electricity and the gas system, with the ambition to cover in the next future the whole European territory. This provides a Europe-wide view and paves the way for combining the gas and electricity models.

Through this tool, detailed nodal analyses have been performed to classify the criticality of the gas and electricity system's components. Special attention is paid to transborder interconnections and to simulating events that are out of the range of normal operation. The tool also enables the user to test the performance of newly built infrastructures.