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January, 2011 to December, 2014
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The overall objective of CitInES is to design and develop a multi-scale multi-energy decision-making tool to optimize the energy strategy of cities or large industrial complexes by enabling them to define sustainable, reliable and cost-effective long-term energy plans. Demonstrations of tools will take place in two cities in Italy, Cesena and Bologna, and in one oil refinery in Turkey, Tupras.Innovative energy system modelling and optimization algorithms will be designed to allow end-users to optimize their energy strategy through detailed simulations of local energy generation, storage, transport, distribution and demand, including demand-side management and functionalities enabled by smart grid technologies. All energy vectors (electricity, gas, heat, etc.), usages (heating, air conditioning, lighting, transportation, etc.) and sectors (residential, industrial, tertiary, urban infrastructure) will be considered to draw a holistic map of the city/industry energy behaviour.
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Smart Network Management
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