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January, 2012 to December, 2014
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Electricity North West has been granted around £10 million from Ofgem’s Low Carbon Network (LCN) Fund to develop its ground-breaking Capacity to Customers (C2C) initiative which aims to:1. Release previously untapped emergency network capacity for everyday use 2. Enable customers to make savings by changing the way you use electricity 3. Prevent huge infrastructure improvement costs being passed on to customers 4. Deliver vital benefits to the region and to the whole of the UK.Capacity to Customers aims to demonstrate that network operators can use post-fault demand response purchased from commercial customers and operate their networks differently to negate the need for expensive and disrutpive network reinforcement.
Project full name: 
Capacity to Customers
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Project Main Application: 
Smart Network Management
Aggregation (Demand Response; VPP)
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