Start and end dates: 
January, 2013 to December, 2016
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Accelerating Renewable Connections (ARC) will facilitate the increased penetration of renewable generation gaining access to the distribution network in a timely manner. This will be achieved by empowering customers to make informed choices relating to their connection requirements; apply novel commercial and technical approaches that will create the foundation for future connection options; inform the development of business processes required to facilitate a greater level of renewable generation; and build upon the learning developed from previous and existing LCN Funded projects to date through collaborating with other DNO partners.The ARC solution will demonstrate this by; providing stakeholders with a richer source of information which will inform developers on the potential for traditional/smart connections; facilitating the role communities can play in balancing community generation with local demand; addressing the commercial and technical issues associated with exporting grid supply points (GSPs) and providing evidence to inform the debate on investment strategies of smart solutions, as identified by WS3 of the Smart Grid Forum.The project has strong support from project partners and other stakeholders as well as internal buy-in. ARC will run for four years but is designed to create an enduring process and learning for future connections.
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Accelerating Renewable Connections
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Smart Network Management
Integration of large scale RES
Aggregation (Demand Response; VPP)
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