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January, 2012 to December, 2014
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Research & Development
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Leveraging on the empirical data and lessons learnt in real Active Demand (AD) experiences, the overall objective of the project is to develop actionable frameworks enabling residential, commercial and industrial consumers to participate in AD. Furthermore, the benefits of AD for the key stakeholders and the inherent impacts on the electricity systems considering its potential contribution to system stability and efficiency are to be quantified taking different scenarios into account. This will be achieved through comparing the different AD solutions applied in Europe and enhancing them by the investigation of socio-economic and behavioural factors with direct Involvement of real consumers. On this basis, key success factors of AD and recommendations for the future design of AD programmes will be derived.The project was designed and is carried out by a consortium consisting of 10 partners including four key European DSOs (Enel Distribuzione, ERDF, Iberdrola, and RWE), scientific institutions (TNO, FEEM and Comillas), an energy consultancy (VaasaETT), a market research company (TNS) and a DR aggregator (Entelios). Moreover a Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB) has been established to assure that the requirements of different stakeholder groups are taken into account within the project and to receive their feedback on the intermediate results.The starting point of ADVANCED are the data set that have been made available by the partners in the consortium. There are four demonstration projects carried out by the DSOs and the analysis of the results of 100 AD pilots stored by VaasaETT in a database. Entelios as one of the leading European energy management solution provider for decentralised energy resources in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors brings in its expertise and experience with Demand Response.
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Active Demand Value ANd Consumers Experiences Discovery
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Aggregation (Demand Response; VPP)
Smart Customer and Smart Home
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