Survey for the collection of European smart grid projects

The JRC, as the independent scientific arm of the European Commission, is the sole responsible to gather, check and regularly publish the data collected.

Why an inventory of Smart Grid projects?

Intelligent electricity networks – Smart Grids – are a key component in the EU energy strategy. In the last few years, Smart Grid projects have been growing in number, size and scope throughout Europe. Where are they taking place? What are they about? Who is leading them? What progresses have we made?

To answer some of these questions, in 2011 the JRC launched the first comprehensive inventory of Smart Gird projects in Europe. The response was overwhelmingly positive: we heard back from over 300 Smart Grid projects scattered across Europe.

Project results provide an encouraging indication of how Smart Grids can help integrate more renewables, accommodate electric vehicles, give more control to consumers over their energy consumption, avoid blackouts and restore power quickly when outages occur.

How can you contribute to this Europe-wide effort?

Project data and results are invaluable to share knowledge, lessons learned and best practices and speed up the implementation of Smart Grid projects throughout Europe.

We know that many more projects have just started or about to start so the inventory keeps going. You have an excellent opportunity to disseminate the results of your project and contribute to this Europe-wide effort to promote Smart Grids. Just complete the new on-line form below, filling all data entry relevant to your project. We will perform consistency check and include the project in our European Smart Grid project database. We will treat all financial/economic information confidentially and publish only aggregated data.

We also invite project coordinators that participated to last year’s survey to fill in the new-on-line form to provide more updated and detailed info.

How can you keep track of your projects?

At any time you are welcome to provide us with updates and new available information as the project progresses by email ( Regularly, we will publish a new version of the database and a new report (Smart Grid projects in Europe: Lessons learned and current developments) available to all main Smart Grid actors in Europe and beyond.  You can access several interactive charts and maps, which were developed with the available smart grid database on our website.

You will be allowed to edit your responses after submitting the survey (on the submission confirmation page you will be given a link that will allow you to do this). We strongly advise you to save the link.

For your convenience, you can also download here the Word version of the form. It is intended to make it easier to collect, share and validate requested information among different departments or groups within your organization. Please bear in mind, however, that we will only accept data provided through the on-line survey form.