Power system modelling

Our team develop power system and market models, based upon the partner's and the project's requirements. A non-exhaustive list of models is available in our modelling portfolio.

As an example, we have implemented a European-wide electricity grid model. The model was built starting from data from the European Transmission System Operators, which was complemented by other datasets from the European power system.

The power grid model includes more than 10,000 elements (nodes and lines) of Europe's transmission grid and can be used to run static and dynamic analyses of the European transmission network via advanced power simulation platforms (based on MATLAB® and NEPLAN®).

We are further developing EU electricity transmission models, coupled with Geographic Information System on energy, to determine vulnerabilities and assess reliability and security of supply issues.

Additionally, we embarked upon evaluating the impact on selected power grids of the vast deployment of renewable energy and storage technologies.

These power grid models and tools are instrumental to support European Commission's policies related to critical energy infrastructures, trans-European energy networks and smart grids.