Our support to policy initiatives

We provide scientific support to European Union's Member States and Directorates-General of the European Commission on policies and initiatives related to power systems and smart electricity grids.

As an example, here below you can learn how we support the policy making on monitoring progress and assessing merits of smart grids deployment:

Baltic power system and market

Our team addresses several technical, economic and market issues relating to the Baltic power system and market developments. Our aim is to aid and inform the strategic decisions of Member States and European Institutions on security of supply, competitiveness and sustainability issues.

Projects of Common Interest evaluation

Within the framework of our participation to the work of the Smart Grid Task Force, we developed a multi-criteria assessment framework for Projects of Common Interest (PCI) in the field of Smart Grids.

This methodology was meant to serve as guidance for the proposal and evaluation of PCIs under the trans-European energy infrastructure regulation (Regulation 347/2013). Lately, building on our expertise in the technical and economic assessment of energy projects we have been entrusted with the task of developing a ranking methodology for Projects of Common Interest in the European electricity (and gas) infrastructure.

Support to renewable energy integration in Cyprus
Support to renewable energy integration in Cyprus

We are assisting (along with DG ECFIN and ENER) the government of Cyprus for assessing the current state of the transmission and distribution electricity systems and proposing solutions for increasing the amount of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) generation that can be fed on the electricity system.

The main objective of the project is to help the Government of Cyprus to establish a comprehensive medium- to long-term policy for the optimum penetration of renewable energy in the electricity system until 2030.

Third Electricity & Gas Package

We are carrying out an independent assessment of smart grid projects throughout Europe, with the aim to support analysis on trends and developments in Smart Grids implementation.
The Third Package provisions and especially Annex I.2 of the Electricity Directive (2009/72/EC) explicitly oblige Member States to assess the roll-out of intelligent metering systems as a key step towards the implementation of Smart Grids and to roll out 80 % of those that have been positively assessed.

Benchmarking smart metering deployment in the EU-27 with a focus on electricity

Smart meters are essential for consumers; they allow an accurate billing through the communication between the electricity meters recording the actual consumption and the monitoring utility. They may also facilitate the provision of additional services to consumers.
EU Member States have already committed to roll-out close to 200 million smart meters for electricity and 45 million for gas by 2020. From the analysis of current national roll-out plans, the JRC together with the Directorate General for Energy have estimated that almost 72% of European consumers will have a smart meter for electricity. Also a detailed analysis of each country's roll-out plans, complementing it with cross-country metrics and indicators was provided.

Strategic Energy Technology (SET-Plan)

Dedicated programmes on research and innovation for the electricity networks of the  future have just been launched to implement the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan). They are the European Electricity Grid Initiative (EEGI) and the Smart Grids Joint Programme of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA).
We are involved in the implementation of the SET-Plan by monitoring and contributing to the European Electricity Grid Initiative and the Smart Grids Joint Programme of the European Energy Research Alliance.

2012 Recommendation on smart metering systems roll-out

As more EU countries progress in the launch of smart meters, we produced common guidelines to ensure that the cost benefit analysis is comparable, relevant and based on comprehensive and realistic deployment action plans.
This study has been used as the technical basis for the Recommendation on smart metering deployment. The new guidelines intend to facilitate EU countries in fulfilling the provision of the Directive on the internal markets 2009/72/EC, which encourages Member States to deploy Smart Grids and smart metering systems.

EU-US Energy Council - Smart grid subgroup

We strengthened cooperation with EU and international stakeholders on smart transmission and distribution grids, remarkably in the framework of the EU-US Energy Council.

Smart Grids: from innovation to deployment 2011 Communication

After having contributed to its drafting, we are assisting in implementing the policy directions set out by the Communication for deploying the future European electricity networks. The focus areas are:
1. technical standards;
2. data protection for consumers;
3. incentives for Smart Grid deployment;
4. open and competitive retail market;
5. support to innovation for technology and systems.

Energy Infrastructure Package

We are assessing building blocks and progress to speed up the development and modernisation of the European electricity grids. In this framework, we are also conducting targeted research on technological developments towards higher transfer capacity architectures and is monitoring the challenges for redesigning the trans-European electricity networks.