JRC Smart Mobile Unit

Understanding and assessing smart grid deployment challenges and merits cannot be achieved without tight cooperation and interaction with real demonstration projects.

To this aim, we acquired a mobile lab – the JRC Smart Mobile Unit - aimed at analysing, testing and validating relevant grid functions on smart grid demonstration projects currently developed across Europe.

The JRC Smart Mobile Unit can be equipped with tailored, customisable equipment and devices (including inter alia power system analysers, offline simulation tools, real time simulators, energy storage capacity, amplifiers/inverters,…) depending on the project where it is to be deployed.

The JRC Smart Mobile Unit is available upon request of smart grid project proponents to contribute to field experiments and testing in innovative smart grid projects in Europe. In order to learn more about the JRC Smart Mobile Unit and verify the mutual interest in partnering in measurement/testing/experimental activities on real projects, we invite you to contact us.  

Please be ready to provide preliminary information on the reason why the JRC Smart Mobile Unit is needed (i.e. in which project, for what analyses and testing,…) and where/when/how long it is planned to be deployed.